Services for San Antonio, TX

When it comes to wildlife removal services, you want the best to protect both your investment in your home and your family’s overall health. Full-service treatments offered by Wildlife Removal San Antonio allow you to do that with no hassle, and at an affordable price. Our technicians have families so we empathize with you, our customers, when it comes to the nasty business of removing strange creatures from attics and living spaces. It is our duty to make sure you can enjoy the comfort of your home and not fear for your safety.

Inspections for Wildlife and Nuisance Animals in San Antonio

No trapper worth their salt starts out setting and baiting their cages without doing a walk around the outside of the home, and taking a flashlight and poking around in the attic. It’s paramount to a successful removal that our technicians get a firm grasp of the grounds and any available access points for these critters. We here at San Antonio Wildlife Removal don’t think twice about doing so and neither should you if you are attempting to do an animal removal or live trapping yourself. Inspections are free because every single call we get is different in some way from the last, and we need to make sure we are doing everything correctly to save you valuable time and money.

Trapping Wildlife and Catching Live Animals in San Antonio

No one knows trapping better than we do in San Antonio. With several decades of combined experience, our trappers have seen nearly everything and know just what kind of baits and materials are needed to catch your creepy critters. No wonder we are the highest rated in customer satisfaction in San Antonio! Over the years our team has gained knowledge that makes us highly effective at snaring raccoons, rats, possums, and other mammalian creatures that enter the home, attic, and dwell under the porch. It’s a point of pride that we catch everything we set out to, and some of our technicians have even been know to hand-catch if it is permitted by law for that species.

Cleanup and Wildlife Sanitation Services for San Antonio

When the success of the trapping wears off, it’s time to get down to the dirty business of cleaning up after these animals. No one appreciates the importance of bringing the quality of the air in your home back up to livable conditions than we do. We use high-tech antimicrobial spray from one of the nation’s most trusted sanitation vendors in our sprayers to make sure 99.99% of germs have been removed from the attic and interior spaces. Over time, bacteria-filled air can degrade lung health and lead to conditions such as histoplasmosis. Exposure to this air that is tainted with feces is absolutely not necessary when you have the right tools and professionals on duty. Bat guano is one of the worst things to have in your home, but don't worry! We are the number one company for Bat Removal San Antonio. Don’t trust any removal companies that don’t do sanitation afterward.

Repairing and Restoring Your Family’s Home in San Antonio

Your home is point of pride for both you and your family. It’s always where you sleep, play, and possibly even work. You host guests, including friends and family members, and you want to be proud of your space and its overall upkeep. Unfortunately, these nuisance creatures do heavy damage with their urine and feces, as well as claws and teeth. This damage can be cosmetic, or it can have serious effects on the value and functionality of your home. In some cases, these wildlife creatures even chew through electrical wires, creating an extreme fire hazard. One of the worst offenders for this are raccoons, Raccoon Removal San Antonio Tx is one of our most common calls. Remember to check both functional and cosmetic parts of the home after a wildlife removal if you are doing it yourself to prevent leaks, electrical fires, and more. Or you can hire a trained professional with years of experience to do it for you! After they verify all the damage and log it, our restoration and repair team will be called out to make your home brand new again.